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Triple Spearmint Soap Bars

Triple Spearmint Soap Bars

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General Description: Have an invigorating shower with these beautiful minty aroma cuties, handcrafted with Love in small batches, which we fondly call “Triple Spearmint”

  • Infused with Spearmint essential oil (which is rich in Vitamin C and an excellent antioxidant) these bars are great for reducing stress levels and helping with irritated skin, itchiness and insect bites
  • This bar gets its gentle nature from bentonite clay which unclogs pores, naturally exfoliates skin, regenerates skin tissue and evens your skin tone

Net weight: All our soaps are hand made, thus each piece is unlike the other one. Rest assured, each of these beauties weigh at least 100 g / 3.52 Oz.

Skin type: These are great for all skin types (dry, oily & combination)

Key Ingredients: Olive oil, bentonite clay & water

Special Instructions: Please note that these soaps contain a high percentage of olive oil and olive oil does not create a lot of lather on its own unless mixed with other oils, however, cleansing properties of a soap are independent of the formation of lather. So rest assured the soap is at work even if you do not see the white, bubbly lather in the bath :)